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Data Drives a Compelling Need:  Scope of the Pass-Out Epidemic and the Results of the Erik's Cause Training

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at for electronic copies, questions, and permission for use of:

  • Training Manual

  • Downloadable Video Links

  • Student Training Program Part 1:  .PPT Link and detailed discussion scripts

  • Links to Pre- and Post- Training Survey Data Collection 
  • Training Program for Parents 
  • Spanish Language Version (PPT for Students and Educational Video under revision)

  • Portugese Version (Educational Video only)

Handouts on this page are free to download though tax-deductible donations are appreciated.  

There is currently no cost for use of the Erik's Cause training.  We ask, when possible, for:

  • pre- and post- training survey data collection (via Google Forms or paper (anonymous/confidential);
  • a tax-deductible donation (when feasible).

Your donation and the confidential survey data will allow us to continue our important work and save lives.

Thank you.

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Erik's Cause
Saving lives with a non-graphic, skills-based approach to raise awareness and stop deadly pass-out games (most commonly known as "The Choking Game").

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