Our mission is to bring awareness of the deadly "Choking Game" into the national spotlight so parents and children understand its true dangers and lives can be saved.  We believe education is the most effective way to combat its rampant popularity.  We encourage all schools to incorporate our training into their curriculum.

The current version of "Help Stop the Choking Game" is geared to children ages 9-16 although it can be easily adapted for high school students or younger elementary school children.  Along with the accompanying presentation material, it sparks a meaningful discussion in the classroom, in an assembly, or at home between parents and children. 

Please take a moment to browse our site, watch our video, review our material, give us your feedback and share our site with others. Encourage your child's school district to incorporate it into their curriculum.  If you are a victim's friend or family, we welcome you to share your story.

Thank you, Judy Rogg (Erik's mom)

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Erik's Cause
Saving lives with a non-graphic, skills-based approach to raise awareness and stop deadly pass-out games (most commonly known as "The Choking Game").