For information, please email us at:

We will get back to you as quickly as we can.

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For actual use of our program we ask for:

  • a tax-deductible donation; and
  • pre- and post- training feedback (via either survey monkey, Google docs or paper), all of which are confidential.

Donations can be made electronically on the "Donate" page of this website
or via check/money order payable to Erik's Cause, Inc. and mailed to:

Erik's Cause
c/o Judy Rogg
1112 Montana Avenue, #167
Santa Monica, CA  90403

Your donation and the confidential survey data allow us to continue our important work and save lives.

Thank you.



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Erik's Cause
Saving lives with a non-graphic, skills-based approach to raise awareness and stop deadly pass-out games (most commonly known as "The Choking Game").

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