Data and Victim Map

Debunking the myth about educating kids

The Erik's Cause training module does NOT make kids curious to play!

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Student data results from Iron County, Utah

IC Student Data

Kids also learn more about brain development and why it's hard
for them to make healthier choices without guidance from a trusted adult

brain development data

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Formal statistics are limited because
no public health databases monitor these activities

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Interactive Victim Map:  Learn about victims in your area and across the globe 

Victims Map

Risks Based on Data:  A Brief Overview of Recent Data rv 07/2018  


Compelling Data:  Eye-Opening Realities rv 12/2017


YouTube Epidemic:  Shocking 1,300% increase
pass out challenge videos from 2015 to 2018

YouTube Epidemic:  Easy access to hundreds of thousands of "how to play" videos

You Tube Epidemic

YouTube Epidemic:  Increase of monthly views of 5 "how to play" videos

You Tube Epidemic, Part 2


Contact us at [email protected] to report an incident, injury or death

 More data collection is in development ... stay tuned! 

YouTube data charts and victim map powered by Tableau®



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