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We believe that knowledge is the most effective way to combat dangerous challenges!

Our kids are our future ... 
We believe that credible information will provide the necessary knowledge to help them make better decisions.

Kids today rely more and more upon social media and their friends for information.  But as we've seen over and over, social media truncates information and does not present the balance of full information on many topics (including dangerous challenges).  And their friends rely upon social media as well.  This leads towards kids not getting a full balance of information about what they may partake in.  

As our kids are our future leaders, what do they need?  We believe that in order to be a leader they need to have credibility.

  • And to have credibility, they need to have knowledge.
  • Having knowledge and understanding allows them to make good decisions and, and in turn, help others make good decisions.
  • We want all kids to learn to be upstanders in community – someone who can lead and make good decisions – rather than bystanders, who just observe and don’t get involved.
  • We want to give them knowledge so they can help themselves, help other kids and even their parents and communities.

What they can do with this knowledge:

  • If they see someone playing any social media challenges – particularly the ones that they learn are dangerous -- they will have knowledge to tell them why it’s dangerous and to hopefully help them to stop.
  • In addition to knowledge and understanding, we help them learn strategies that will help them make better decisions when confronted with peer pressure.
  • Our ultimate hope is that the skills that they learn from the Erik's Cause training will also serve them in other aspects of their lives as well ... to want to question and seek full information on all issues before making quick/impulsive decisions based upon partial information that can have deleterious effects on them, their family and communities.

Evidence-Based and Methodology:

In order to impart this knowledge, our training has been developed on prevailing evidence-based best practices for prevention modules that currently address other risk topics.  The program is founded upon the principles of basic brain science as well as understanding the impact of trauma.  It ensures that potential to trigger pre-existing trauma is diminished while successfully imparting the crucial education.  The potential for trauma is minimized by ensuring the material presented stays within the Window of Tolerance (as developed by Daniel Siegel, M.D.). 

By remaining faithful to our foundational principles, the training helps students understand the dangers of online challenges, where they are in their brain development, how they receive and process information, and why it is challenging for them to think through all the consequences without the guidance of a trusted adult.

Learn more about our training program here

Your kids are not immune.  Some kids only tried this once or twice.
They didn’t know they were gambling with their lives.

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