These tragedies began well before Erik and sadly still continue ...
Below are media articles and reports from across the globe

Many incidents are never publicized and
aths are often misclassified as suicide

Prior to 2023, these news links primarily pertain to pass out challenges.
As of 2023, we will also add salient articles re legislative advocacy efforts.
For online harms and social media challenges in general, CLICK HERE.

NEW:  April 2023, USA:  Mothers Power New Drive to Make Social Media Firms Accountable for Harms

NEW:  January 2023, USA:  Senator Josh Hawley introduces Bill to ban TikTok in the United States

NEW:  DR. PHIL segment January 2023:  Shedding light on "The Blackout Challenge"

NEWBloomberg News November 2022:  TikTok Viral Challenges Keep Luring Young Kids to their Deaths

May 2022, California:  Mother who lost son to “choking game” advocates for children’s online safety bill

September 2021, Fox News:  Her son died from a 'choking game,' now she's determined to save other kids' lives

January 2020, Mel Robbins Show:  Digital Predators

March 2018, TIME Magazine:  The Dangers of the 'Choking Game' to get High.  Instead They're Dying

Implementation of Erik's Cause Training in Utah:

2015-2016 Research (no substantive pass out game research since this time):

LA County Office of Education Newsletter:




May 2023, Washington:  'I found myself doing CPR on him:' Dad's warning about deadly challenge

April 2023, USA:  Mothers Power New Drive to make Social Media Firms Accountable for Harms

January 2023, USA:  Senator Josh Hawley introduces Bill to ban TikTok in the United States

January 2023, Argentina:  12 year old girl dies in sick TikTok choking challenge

January 2023, Argentina:  Tragedy in Santa Fe:  A 12 year old girl died after performing the dangerous viral "blackout challenge"

January 2023, National:  Republicans and Democrats, Unit Against Big Tech Abuses

January 2023, Pennsylvania:  Mother asks court to overturn ruling giving TikTok immunity from liability in child's death

January 2023, National:  Dr. Phil segment - Shedding light on "The Blackout Challenge"


December, 2022, Ohio:  It's killing our babies:  12 year old from Richmond Heights dies attempting TikTok blackout challenge

December, 2022, Egypt:  Egypt MP calls to ban TikTok after 13 year old boy fractures neck in viral challenge

November 2022, Bloomberg News USA:  TikTok Viral Challenges Keep Luring Young Kids to their Deaths

September, 2022, New Mexico:  Lawsuit filed against TikTok in New Mexico in boy's death (blackout challenge)

September 2022, New York:  Risky social media challenges pose dangers to even most well adjusted kids, experts say

September 2022, Scotland:  Boy died doing viral TikTok Blackout Challenge while friends watched

August 2022, The Netherlands:  Teen boy, 15, accused of choking four students during knockout challenge

July 2022, Texas:  Texas Parents Sue TikTok over Death of Texas Girl who participated in blackout challenge

July 2022, Wisconsin:  Family sues TikTok after girl, 9, dies from blackout challenge

May 2022, Pennsylvania:  Mother Sues TikTok over 10-year-old daughter's blackout challenge death

May 2022, England:  Doctors want unconscious boy, 12, to undergo test to see if he is brain dead, more than a month after he was found with ligature around his neck at home - as High Court considers whether to withdraw the life support his mother refuses to have turned off

May 2022, Australia:  Two primary school students asked another boy to choke them for viral TikTok challenge until one passed out - as paramedics attend four incidents in one hour as a result of the dangerous trend

April 2022, Colorado:  Colorado Boy, 12, dies after attempting the TikTok blackout challenge

March 2022, Australia:

March 2022, Colorado:  Dad Warns Parents After Son, 12, Dies from 'Blackout Challenge': 'Check Out' Your Kids' Phones

March 2022, New York:  Canton Central principal warns of ‘choking challenge’ after death of 12-year-old

January 2022, Pennsylvania:  After 10-year-old dies from "blackout challenge,' mother shares warning


December 2021, Pennsylvania: 10-year-old PA girl dies after trying dangerous 'Blackout Challenge' on social media

December 2021, Canada: ‘Tap out’ choking game sends one Kitchener child to hospital while another faces charges

September 2021, Fox News USA:  Her son died from a 'choking game;" now she's determined to save other kids' lives

August 2021, Wisconsin:  Sun Prairie:  mother raising alarm about a dangerous online trend

June 2021, Tennessee:  A 9-year-old boy died after trying TikTok strangulation challenge, family says

June 2021, Massachusetts:  Amherst teen dies after "blackout challenge"

April 2021, Colorado:  Joshua, 12, dead after a challenge on TikTok

April 2021, Colorado:  12-year-old boy brain dead after attempting TikTok 'blackout challenge'

March 2021, Colorado: Boy, 12, brain dead after trying Tik Tok choking challenge, family says

February 2021, Canada:  Saskatoon mom says online 'challenge' resulted in son's death

January 2021, Italy:  10-year old girl dies in 'blackout challenge' circulating on TikTok 

January 2021, Pennsylvania:  ’I’m going to play outside!’ I called for him but he didn’t answer. I saw him by a tree. Then I saw the rope.’: Mom loses son to deadly internet trend, ‘No child is immune to this’

January 2021, Ohio:  Choking's no game


August, 2020, Russia:  Russian girl, 8, dies after 'choking game' with schoolboys aged 11 and 13

June 2020, Utah:  Utah mom warns of "choking game' after son's 14-year-old friend dies

March 2020, Illinois:  Brooklyn 9-year-old died accidentally doing a social media challenge, grandmother says

February 2020, New Zealand:  "Passing out" for likes:  new Tik Tok trend could be deadly

February 2020, New York:  Kids are passing out on camera for views on Tik Tok and it's incredibly upsetting

February 2020, Michigan:  Michigan State Police warn parents about 'The Choking Game'

January 2020, Michigan:  'Choking Game' causes bullied teen to pass out, have seizure at Davison school

January 2020, New York:  Mel Robbins Show:  Digital Predators


December 2019, Connecticut:  Students accused of choking special needs student in “game”

December 2019, Connecticut:  Charges follow 'choking game' at East Hartford school, police say

November 2019, Utah:  Choking game leads to child abuse charges at Sanpete County treatment center

November 2019, Utah:  Employee at Oxbow Academy East charged for allowing boys to play 'choking game’

November 2019, Georgia:  Why would anyone do this?

November 2019, New Hampshire:  2 NH high school students faint while playing the ‘choking game’

November 2019, New Hampshire:  Goffstown school officials warn parents after two students force themselves to pass out

October 2019, UAE:  UAE:13-year Old Rashid Survives After Being Strangled In Pass Out Game

October 2019, UAE:  UAE mother raises alarm after teenager survives choking game

July 2019, England:  Mason Warwick may have died from ‘choking game’

July 2019, India: Think before you accept viral Internet challenges

June 2019, Alabama: Glencoe Police Department talking mental health resources for officers

June 2019, Wales:  Deadly 'choking game' warning after Bridgend school kids' Snapchat post

June 2019, Ohio:  Len Rome’s Local Health: Dangerous Internet Challenges

June 2019, Dangerous fads like Choking Game Challenge target at risk teens

May 2019, Indiana:  After Son, 15, Dies from 'Choking Challenge,' Mom Urges 'Serious Discussions with Your Kids'

May 2019, Indiana:  Dozens of kids have died from the 'choking game.' Here are 3 of them

May 2019, Indiana:  Doctors urge parents to know about choking challenge

May 2019, Indiana:  Teen dies after playing 'choking game' he saw on social media, parents say

May 2019, Indiana:  Evansville teen critically injured after playing 'choking game,' organs to be donated, parents say

April 2019, England:  Brit kids choking each other until they pass out in chilling 'tap-out' craze

February 2019, England:  Cookstown High warning about ‘choking’ game

February 2019, Washington:  Vancouver family blames internet choking game for daughter’s death

February 2019, Ohio:  Mental Illness - How to spot the signs and symptoms

February 2019, Washington:  Choking Game - Internet challenge leads to teen death family says 


November 2018, England:  Parents warned about dangerous "choking game" taking over school playgrounds

October 2018, Colorado:  Colorado mom warns of "choking challenge" after losing 11-year-old son

July 2018, Canada:  Grave Warning Issued after 13-year-old Dies While Playing "Choking Game"

June 2018, Utah:  Mother of boy who died playing "choking game" wants parents to know how deadly it is

May 2018, Netherlands:  Hague boy, 15, killed in Social Media Challenge, Family Says

May 2018, Utah:  South Jordan boy dies after playing 'fainting game,' mother has message for other parents

March 2018, California (video):  After losing her son to the 'choking game' this mom is on a quest to save others

March 2018, California (print):  After losing her son to the 'choking game' this mom is on a quest to save others

March 2018, Australia:  What Parents Need to Know about The Choking Game

March 2018, TIME Magazine:  Kids are Playing the 'Choking Game" to get High.  Instead, they're Dying

March 2018, Wisconsin:  Growing Up Healthy Blog: The Choking Game

February 2018, Illinois:  Quest for "Likes" boosts deadly pass out-challenge

February 2018, Mississippi:  Investigation into accidental hanging of 7-year-old

February 2018, Connecticut:  Kids Today Aren't More Stupid:  It's Just that Today Dumb is Forever

January 2018, England:  Choked by Accident - Teen footballer, 15, accidentally hanged himself during "experiment" gone wrong


December 2017, Thailand:  Thai doctor warns "Pass Out Challenge" can kill

December 2017, Vermont:  St. Johnsbury Academy responds to "blackout game" incident

December 2017, Idaho:  Twin Falls polar plunge to benefit Luckey family

November 2017, Idaho:  East Idaho family's 11-year-old son died playing the choking game

November 2017, Texas:  11-year-old boy injured by playing  "choking game" in Willis ISD classroom

November 2017, North Carolina:  A warning from parents after their son dies playing the "choking game"

October 2017, India:  48-Hours Challenge - a new online "game" that encourages kids to go missing

October 2017, Malasya:  Pass Out Challenge going viral among Malasyan teens might lead to stroke or death

October 2017, Malasya: Teens Are Pressing Their Friends' Chests Until They Pass Out In A New Internet Challenge

October 2017, Australia:  My son escaped with his life but the next kid may not  

October 2017, Pakistan:  New Gaming Risks

September 2017, New Hampshire:  Newly Retired State Medical Examiner Reflects on 20-year Career

August 2017, England:  Six Disturbing Online Challenges Every Parent Should Watch Out For this Summer

July 2017, South Africa:  Distraught Dad warns of 'Choking Game'

June 2017, Holland:  Teens don't see risks of online challenges like 'Choking Game'

June 2017, Holland:  Dutch teen, 16, killed in "Choking Game"

June 2017, Alaska:  Auke Bay boy's death linked to dangerous 'choking game'

June 2017, Colorado:  Ride for Hope - the Bri Project

June 2017, England:  Schoolboy may have killed himself playing choking game popular at school

June 2017, England:  Schoolboy, 11, who was found hanging in front of his bedroom mirror 'may have been trying to copy a Good Kids High choking game'

May 2017, Ohio:  Coroner to reopen case of 8-year-old's hanging after school releases video

May 2017, Texas:  Stinnett police warn parents about the "Choking Game"

May 2017, New Jersey (Yahoo News): What Parents Need to Know about the 'Choking Game'

May 2017, New Jersey:  School: Student dies as a result of the 'Choking Game'

May 2017, Ireland:  Co Clare teenager died due to 'choking game' father says

May 2017, Idaho:  The dangerous game your kids could be playing

May 2017, New York:  School district warns of "pass out" game dangers

April 2017, Pennsylvania:  Parents use death of son during choking game to warn others

April 2017, Iowa:  Parents warned of 'pass out' game

March 2017, Colorado:  Choking Game fatalities on the rise among teens

March 2017, South Carolina:  Family hopes to educate about the dangers of the choking game

March 2017, Wisconsin:  Casting a light on a dangerous game

March 2017, Michigan:  School Warns Parents - Potentially Deadly "Choking Game' Is Making a Comeback 

March 2017, California:  Parents warned of kids' "choking game" dangers

March 2017, Maryland:  Blair mourns loss of a student

February 2017, New Jersey:  Princeton - Dangerous 'choking game' surfaces at John Witherspoon Middle School 

February 2017, Pennsylvania:  Parents of victim warn of choking game dangers

February 2017, Texas:  Teen, parent, school district warn about consequences of "choke out game"

January 2017, South Carolina: Reports reveal details in child's death

January 2017, South Carolina:  School mourns loss of Indian Land boy, 9; coroner says he died of asphyxia

January 2017, England:  Fun-loving schoolboy, 10, hanged himself with a scarf in his bedroom in act of childhood curiosity

January 2017, Australia:  Choking Game linked to Brisbane boy's death


December 2016, N/A:  Medscape:  Youth Engaging in the Choking Game - Be on Alert

November 2016, Utah:  The Choking Game in Iron County

November 2016, Illinois:  The Choking Game is one that no one ever wins playing (AAP Journals Blog)

November 2016, Ohio:  Family 411:  Warning kids about the choking game

November 2016, Texas:  Teens playing deadly games

October 2016, South Carolina:  Parents of choking game victims share warning signs

October 2016, Idaho:  Family wants to bring awareness about deadly game

October 2016, Tennessee:  Mid-South parents' warning about deadly game

October 2016, Brazil:  Schoolboy, 13, "bullied" into hanging himself after teammates blame him for losing online game League of Legends

October 2016, Colorado:  The Choking Game killed their son

October 2016, Canada:  Resident warns of dangers of choking game

October 2016, South Carolina:  Rock Hill mom, mourns death of son, 14, in choking game - "It's in my mind forever"

October 2016, South Carolina:  York County Coroner's Office and Rock Hill Schools to Host Educational Program on Choking Game

October 2016, Canada:  Choking game fad at Cowichan Valley schools

September 2016, England:  Nan's horror at choking game

September 2016, England:  Boy, 12, becomes seventh child to die playing choking game - three months after his school warned pupils over lethal craze

September 2016, Georgia:  Mother says 11-year-old died mimicking prank YouTube video 

September 2016, Ohio:  Suicide or Choking Game?  Experts Weigh in on latest suicide involving student

September 2016, Ohio:  Suicide or Choking Game:  Grandma speaks out

September 2016, New York:  Police can't even say how many lives "choking game" has claimed

September 2016, South Carolina:  Boy, 11, dies playing "terrible game" parents say

June 2016, California:  Impact of Erik's Cause Training on School Aged Children (UC Davis Medical Center Study)

June 2016, Australia:  Queensland teen charged over school choking game

June 2016, Australia:  Choking Game Almost Killed Schoolboy

June 2016, England:  Boy, 12, Dies after Playing "Choking Game"

May 2016, England:  Sutton Schoolboy Ryan Payne found hanged in Morden home had interest in internet "Choking Game"

May 2016, Canada:  This is not a game

May 2016, Canada:  B.C. Coroner Report Links "Choking Game" to Nick Lang Death

May 2016, Michigan:  Staff at Local School Educates Parents After Report of "Pass Out" Challenge Surfaces

April 2016, Ohio:  Boy Injured in Choking Game

March 2016, South Carolina:  Upstate 11-year-old dies playing online ‘pass-out challenge’ game, mother says

March 2016, England:  Tragedy as an 11-year-old boy dies after playing popular online 'pass-out challenge' where kids choke themselves unconscious

January 2016, Utah:  The Choking Game:  A Deadly Game Teens Play

January 2016, North Dakota:  Fargo South AD says Boys Hockey "Choking Game" Incident, Not Hazing


December 2015, Wisconsin:  The Choking Game and YouTube:  An Update (Univ of Wisconsin Research Study)

December 2015, Washington DC:  The Deadly, Persisting Popularity of "The Choking Game"

December 2015, Colorado:  13-year-old Found Dead After Playing the Choking Game, Family Says

December 2015, Colorado:  Colorado Springs Family Loses 13-Year-Old Son to the Choking Game

October 2015, Illinois:  Suicide, Accident or Murder?  Cops Investigating Death of 8 year old Found Hanging in Closet

October 2015, Texas:  San Marcos teen dies after sleepover ‘choke hold’

August 2015, Missouri:  After Tragedy, Local Mom Discovers Game with Lethal Potential

July 2015, England:  Mother whose Son, 14, was Killed Warns Others about the Choking Game

July 2015, England:  Parents Warn about Choking Game after Son's Death

July 2015, California:  LACOE Newsletter, Page 2:  Even Smart, Strong Kids Can Make Dumb Choices with Deadly Consequences

July 2015, England:  Parents Warning over Deadly Choking Game

June 2015, South Africa:  Teen Dies after Playing Choking Game

June 2015, Canada:  Bike Thief Shows up at Calgary Family's Door to Apologize to Parents of Deceased Boy

June 2015, Virginia:  Family of Brooke Point Locker-Room Choking Victim Hired Lawyers

June 2015, Virginia:  Choking Incident Prompts Stafford to Set Tough Code for Athletes

June 2015, Ireland:  Concerned Mum Urges Parents to Beware of New Hanging Craze Sweeping Schools

May 2015, Canada:  "Choking Game" Warning Issued in Lambton-Kent

May 2015, Canada:  Choking Game Kills, Warns Calgary Family After Losing Son

May 2015, Missouri:  Resurgence of Old, Deadly Game has Schools and Parents Worried

May 2015, Colorado:  Funeral Home Turns Advertising into Public Awareness

May 2015, Iowa:  Jackson County Officials Warn Students about Pass Out Game

May 2015, Australia:  Kids Dice with Death over Choking Game

April 2015, Utah:  Deadly Choking Game and Teens; How School Districts and Police are Facing the Issue

April 2015, Missouri:  The Choking Game Isn't a Game!  (Teens of America Radio Show) starts at 53:35 min.

April 2015, Missouri:  Choking Game is a Dangerous High

April 2015, Missouri:  Columbia Public Schools Warning Parents about Dangerous "Pass Out Game"

April 2015, England:  Police Warn of Deadly New "Sleeper" Game Sweeping Playgrounds after Pupil Hospitalized

April 2015, Brazil:  Article about the Choking Game (in Portugese)

March 2015, Arizona:  Kristi's Kids - A Dangerous Game has one Parent Voicing "Choking Concerns"

March 2015, Canada:  New Event Helps Kids "Play it Safe"

March 2015, Wisconsin:  Dream of Wauwatosa Skatepark is Close to Realization

February 2015, Italy:  The Choking Game - a Deadly Game.  Analysis of Two Cases of "Self-Strangulation in Young Boys and Review of the Literature

January 2015, Schoolboy, 11, Found Hanged in Bedroom Just Minutes After Telling Mum He was Doing Homework

January 2015, Saudi Arabia:  Non-Suicidal Self-Strangulation among Adolescents in Saudi Arabia:  Case Series of the Choking Game

January 2015, North Carolina:  The Choking Game Resurfacing

January 2015, North Carolina:  Stokes County School Officials Warn Parents Bout the Choking Game

January 2015, Idaho:  Schools Warn Parents about "Tap Out" Game

January 2015, Nevada:  Unconventional Intoxicants include Nutmeg, Choking

January 2015, Texas:   Denton County Sheriff Warns of Dangers of Choking Game

January 2015, California:  Mother of Choking Game Victim:  The Horror Just Stops You Cold"


December 2014, Utah:  Curriculum Addresses Potentially Deadly "Choking Game"

December 2014, Pennsylvania:  Brentwood Emergency Worker Honored for Efforts with Youth

November 2014, Yahoo Parenting:  The Dangerous Choking Game that Killed Four Kids in One Town

November 2014, Utah:  Getting Educated About the Choking Game - Presentation for Parents

November 2014, Pennsylvania:  Cinnamon Challenge?  Choking Game?  Social Media Luring Kids to Try Dangerous Stunts

October 2014, Delaware:  Choking Game Warning after Boy, 14, Dies

October 2014, Delaware:  DSP Warns Parents, Family of Iowa Boy Discusses "Choking Game"

October 2014, Ohio:  11-Year-Old Girl Dies at Middle School in Ohio

October 2014, Illinois:  Advocacy in Action- What Parents and Caregivers Need to Know about the Choking Game

October 2014, England:  Headteacher Warns of Dangers of Choking Game Craze

September 2014, Norway:  Dangerous "Choke Game" Grips Norwegian Schools

September 2014, Ireland:  Passout Challenge - Doctor Warns New Online Fainting Craze Putting Kids Lives At Risk

September 2014, Ireland:  GP Highlights the Dangers of "Pass Out" Games Among Teens

September 2014, American Academy of Pediatrics:  Children Accidentally Choking Themselves for a Brief "High"

September 2014, Colorado:  Choking Game Death has Spurred Calhan Mother's Outreach

September 2014, Iowa:  Storm Lake Woman Arrested after Playing "Pass Out"

August 2014, South Carolina:  District Warns "Choking Game" is Deadly

August 2014, Colorado:  Local Teen Dies from Choking Game

August 2014, Texas:  The Choking Game - It's Not a Game if No One Wins

August 2014:  Daily News - Deadly Teenage Craze "The Choking Game" Returns on Social Media

August 2014, Missouri:  Deadly "Choking Game" Spreads Among Teens on Social Media

July 2014:  Psychology Today - The Choking Game is Not Just a Movie

July 2014:  CNN Report - The Choking Game:  Bringing Awareness to America

July 2014, Georgia:  Hundreds of Teens have Died Playing this Old, but Popular Game

June 2014:  CNN iReport - "The Choking Game" with Director Lane Shefter Bishop

June 2014, Texas:  WFPD Hopes to Raise Awareness of Deadly "Choking Game"

June 2014, Illinois:  Barrington School Removes Hooks After Students Caught Playing "Hanging Game"

May 2014, Minnesota:  Sheriff Rules Dinsdale Death An Accident

May 2014, Idaho:  Non-Profit Brings Awareness to Choking Game

May 2014, Minnesota:  Dover-Eyota District Warns About "Deadly Game"

May 2014, Pennsylvania:  Moon Area SD Officials, Parents Work to Stop Choking Game

April 2014, Colorado:  Deadly Games Popular Among Teens

March 2014, Colorado:  One Mom's Mission to Stop the Choking Game

March 2014, Colorado:  Mom Believes Son Died from Choking Game, Not Suicide, in Middle School Bathroom

March 2014, Connecticut:  Dying to Play the Choking Game

March 2014, Ontario:  One year Later - Parents Remember Aja Chandler, Victim of the Choking Game

March 2014, Colorado:  How Common is the Choking Game at Carson Middle School?

March 2014, California:  Choking Game Spurs Talks at Crystal Middle School

March 2014, Connecticut:  Dying to Play the Choking Game

March 2014, New Jersey:  Tenafly School District Warns of Passout Game

February 2014, Tennessee:  Five Farragut Middle Students Disciplined for Playing Choking Game

February 2014, South Africa:  The Choking Game Could be your Child's Last Game - Ever

February 2014, South Africa:  Boy (9) Accidentally Hangs Himself

February 2014, Utah:  Leadership Conference Just Around the Corner

February 2014, Minnesota:  Choking Game Kills MN Man

February 2014, Minnesota:  A Deadly High

February 2014, California:  Roseville Elementary School Parents Warned About Pass-Out Game

January 2014, Indiana:  Family Blames "Choking Game" for Teen's Death

January 2014, England:  Schoolboy, 9, Dies After Being Found Hanging in Bedroom Where His Younger Brothers Were Playing

January 2014, Wisconsin:  Helpful Couple at Cemetery Dig up Gift for Late Son's Skate Park Dream

January 2014, Pennsylvania:  Help for Families - Could my Kids be Playing the Choking Game?

January 2014, South Africa:  Did "Game" Take Teens Life?

January 2014, Indiana:  Family Blames Choking Game for Son's Death


December 2013, Oregon:  Beaverton Boy Rushed to Hospital after Being Choked at School

November 2013, Tennessee:  Bedford Co. Student Hospitalized, Another Charged After Choking Game

November 2013, California:  Surfing Champ Shaun Tomson Recounts Losing Son to 'Choking Game'

November 2013, Canada:  Chandler Family hopes PSA will help Prevent Choking Game

October 2013, Illinois:  RI Man Sentenced in Choking Game

October 2013,  Ireland:  Are Your Children Playing the Deadly Choking Game?

October 2013, Connecticut:  Death by Choking Game

October 2013, Illinois:  Ogden School Warns Parents of Choking Game Activity in La Grange

October 2013, Ireland:  Teen in Critical Condition after Playing Choking Game - Ireland

October 2013, Florida:  Family Warns of Dangers of Auto-erotic Asphyxiation and the Choking Game

 October 2013, Utah:  A Most Dangerous Game

October 2013, Colorado:  Ride to Raise Awareness on Deadly Choking Game

October 2013, Montana:  Blaze a Trail- Memorial Event Spreading Awareness about The Choking Game

September 2013, Utah:  11-Year Old Boy Dies in Accidental Hanging on Exercise Equipment

September 2013, Texas:  Choking Game Played by Kids Threatens Big Country School Districts

August 2013, Wisconsin:  Mother of Choking Game Victim Appears in PSA

August 2013, England:  Prime Minister Gives Support to Southwick Mum's Fainting Game Warning

August 2013, Australia:  Doing the Funky Chicken for Kicks:  The Choking Game Gets Updated

July 2013, New Jersey:  Choking Game Talk Planned for July 29 in Flemington

July 2013:  Canada:  Clinical Pediatrics - The Choking Game and You Tube, A Dangerous Combination

July 2013, England:  Parents Warn of 'Fainting Game' Craze After Son Ends Up In Coma

June 2013, North Carolina:  Parents Say Son Died Playing Choking Game

June 2013, Washington:  Boy, 12, Accidentally Hangs Himself in Central Washington

June 2013, Wisconsin:  Principal Takes Action after Seeing Video of Boys Playing Choking Game

June 2013, Australia:  Teens Play a Deadly Game - Self-Suffocation Game at School

May 2013, Florida Department of Health:  The Choking Game - A Game with Deadly Consequences

May 2013, Kentucky:  Kentucky Teen Accidentally Strangles Himself to Death with a Dog Leash

May 2013, Illinois:  Teen Charged in Choking Game Incident

May 2013, Minnesota:  Girl home from Hospital Warns About the Choking Game

May 2013, Colorado:  Another Colorado Springs Student Dies from Playing "Choking Game"

April 2013, Alabama:  Huntsville Mother Issues Warning About the Choking Game

April 2013, North Carolina:  NC Teen Dies from Choking Game:  Risky Behavior Class offered for Parents

April 2013, Colorado:  District 20 Grieves Another Boy Lost to Choking Game

April 2013, Illinois:  Mom Warns Teens about Deadly Game at Memorial for her Son

April 2013, Illinois:  Dozen Youth Treated after Choking Game

March 2013, Scotland:  Horror as Schoolboy is Found Hanged

March 2013, England:  School Children Playing Deadly Fainting Game

March 2013, Canada:  Deadly Choking Game Your Kids might be Playing

March 2013, Canada:  Choking Game Believed to Claim the Life of Belle River Girl, Age 11

February 2013, Pennsylvania:  Fainting Game Dangerous, CR Superintendent Warns

February 2013, Rhode Island:  Choking Game

February 2013, Wisconsin:  Parents Warn of Dangerous, Fatal Game

February 2013, Canada:  Deadly Game Claiming Kids as Young as 9

January 2013, Pennsylvania:  Swiftwater Boy's Death Not a Suicide

January 2013, United Kingdom:  "Mischievous" Boy, 11, Accidentally Hanged Himself Trying to Play a Prank on his Father and Brother

January 2013, Idaho:  Father Raises Awareness about Dangers of Choking Game

January 2013, Pennsylvania:  Bangor School Officials Warn Parents of Student Choking Game

January 2013, Pennsylvania:  The Deadly Choking Game - Is Your Child Playing It?  How Would You Know?  Part 2

January 2013, England:  Boy Found Hanged "May Have Been Playing Prank"

January 2013, Florida:  Pensacola Boy Dies After Accidental Hanging

January 2013, Wisconsin:  Teen's Choking Game Death Leads Mom to Education Effort


December 2012, Wisconsin:  15-year old dies from choking game

December 2012, Wisconsin:  Medical Examiner's Report Confirms Teen Died While Playing Choking Game

December 2012, Wisconsin:  Racine Mother Believes Son is Victim of Choking Game

December 2012, England:  Schoolboy, 14, Found Hanged "in Fainting Game" was About to Become a Father

November, 2012, Ireland:  School Finds No Evidence of "Choking Practice"

November 2012, Utah:  Parents fighting deadly choking game epidemic

October 2012, Missouri:  This Thursday, 10-11-12, Parents Unite to Raise Awareness of Kids' Choking Game

October 2012, Canada:  Mom Says Parents Can Prevent Tragedy Through Education

October 2012,  Washington:  Choking Game Awareness Day

October 2012, Texas:  My Fainting Game Story for KDBC

October 2012, California:  Valley middle schoolers caught playing "pass out" game

September 2012, California:  California Teen Dies in Freak Accident After Mimicking You-Tube Pass-Out Game

September 2012, Wisconsin:  South Milwaukee School Officials Warning of "Choking Game After Student Deathl

September 2012, Canada:  Guelph Police - Choking Game has Fatal Consequences

September 2012, California:  Auburn Couple Who Lost Son to Choking Game Work for Awareness on Deadly Danger

September 2012, Montana:  Lone Rock - Grieving Parents Hope to Prevent More "Choking Game" Deaths

September 2012, California:  Teen Dies After Trying "Pass-Out" Game on YouTube

August 2012, Indiana:  Family's Anguish as Son, 14, Dies while Playing "Choking Game" as Deadly Internet Craze Sweeps America

August 2012, England:  Revealed - 1 in 16 Teenagers has played "Choking Game

August 2012, Wisconsin:  The Choking "Game"

July 2012,  Wisconsin:  A Dangerous Game - Choking Game Tale of Caution

July 2012,  Australia:  Dangerous Choking Game in School

July 2012,  New Zealand:  Kids Caught in Choking Game

July 2012,  Australia:  Choking Game Killed Daughter

June 2012,   Belgium:  "The Choking Game" Claims First Fatal Belgian Victim

June 2012,  California:  Couple Who Lost Son to Choking Game Work for Awareness

June 2012,  New Zealand:  School Choking Game Sparks Death Fear

June 2012, Ohio:  Choking - The game that Isn't

June 2012, Massachusetts:  California Knock-Out

June 2012,  Australia:  Choking Game Fad a Danger in Schoolyards

June 2012, Australia:  Students Suspended for Playing "Choking Game"

May 2012,  Illinois:  Wheaton School Warns Parents about Kids Trying Risky "Pass-Out" Game

May 2012, Washington:  Does School Surveillance Show "Choking Game" or Assault?

May 2012,  Ohio:  Deadly "Game" Claiming Teen Lives in Cuyahoga and Surrounding Counties

May 2012,  Iowa:  Choking Game Concerns One Eastern Iowa District

May 2012, Georgia:  Macon Woman Opens Home to 100 Foster Children (one died from Choking Game)

May 2012, New Zealand:  Teen's Hanging "Accidental" - Coroner

April 2012,  California:  Dr. Drew - "The Choking Game is No Game"

April 2012,  South Africa:  Family Mourns Boy's Heartbreaking Death

April 2012,  Idaho:  Former Bellevue Boy Dies from Choking Game

April 2012, The Week, The Disturbing Rise of the Deadly Childhood "Choking Game"

April 2012, NewsWise, Teen "Choking Game" Exemplifies Fuzzy-Trace Theory

April 2012, NPR, Deadly "Choking Game" Comes with Big Risks

April 2012, NBC Health News, Kids Who Play "Choking Game" May Take Other Risks Too

April 2012, Oregon:  Oregon Youth Say They Played "Choking Game"

April 2012, California:  ABC Nightline - Choking Game Spreads on YouTube

April 2012, South Africa:  Family Mourns Boy's Heartbreaking Death

April 2012, South Carolina:  Shell Point Family Remembers Daughter Through Donations to Animal League

April 2012, Idaho:  Former Bellevue Boy Dies from Choking Game

April 2012, Canada:  Canada Health, Suicide Rates Among Canadian Girls Rising

March 2012,  Texas:  "Choking Game" Continues to Affect Area Families

March 2012, Michigan:  Your Life Changes in an Instant

March 2012, Faze Magazine, The Fainting Game - Playing with Death

March 2012, Your Teen Magazine, Warning - The Choking Game

February 2012,  South Carolina:  Jury Awards $1M to South Carolina Teens in Choking Game Lawsuit

February 2012,  Massachusetts:  Dr. Jeff Hersch - Kids Don't Know the Dangers of the Choking Game

February 2012, Maryland:  Parents Warned of Pass-Out Challenge Games

February 2012, Texas:  Plano ISD Warns Parents About "Fainting Game"

February 2012, Oregon:  It's Dangerous.  You Should Stop Doing It

January 2012, Texas:  Texas College Study Finds 1 in 7 College Students Have Tried It

January 2012, Hawaii:  Students Playing a Potentially Deadly Game

January 2012, Texas:  Study Finds Choking Game Prevalent Among Texas Teens  

January 2012, Texas:  Students Report Playing Dangerous "Choking Game"

January 2012, South Carolina:  Jury Awards Large Settlement in "Choking Game" Lawsuit

January 2012, Georgia:  Son's Death Puts Mom on Mission


December 2011, California:  Millbrae Teen's Death Blamed on Choking Game

December 2011, Georgia:  Kids and the Very Dangerous Choking Game

December 2011, Ohio:  Chagrin Falls - Warning to Parents about Breath-Holding Games

December 2011, New York:  Choking Game a Deadly High for Today's Teens

December 2011, Illinois:  Wood River Death Ruled an Accident

December 2011, Wisconsin:  Questions Remain Monday in Death of Young Milwaukee Boy

December 2011, Tennessee:  Donate Blood in Memory of Jason Archer and Donate a Toy for a Warren County Child

December 2011, Nebraska:  Students Warned that "Knock Out" a Deadly Game

November 2011, England:  Shoreham Mum Speaks Out about Deadly "Game" which Killed Son

November 2011, Canada:  Why are Teens Choking Themselves to Death?

November 2011, Texas:  Choking Game Causes Fear at Area School

November 2011, Arkansas:  Three Arkansas Teens have Died from Choking Themselves

October 2011, Utah:  Teens Death Draws Attention to the Choking Game

October 2011, Australia:  Grieving Parents Warn of Deadly Choking Game that Killed their Daughter

October 2011, Minnesota:  Armstrong Students Suspended, Jailed after Choking Game Incident

October 2011, Canada:  Saskatoon Family Goes Public after Son Dies from Choking Game

October 2011, Georgia:  Mom Mourns Loss of Son to Choking Game

October 2011, Missouri:  Teens Playing New Deadly Choking Game

October 2011, California:  Mt. Diablo Elementary Sends Email to Parents regarding "The Fainting Game"

October 2011, North Carolina:  Family, Friends Remember Concord Youth, Hope to Spread Awareness

October 2011, Ireland:  Dangerous Game Played in Schools

October 2011, Minnesota:  Choking Incident Leads to Suspensions of Three Seniors

October 2011, South Carolina:  "Choking Game" Incident Spurs Safety Concerns

September 2011, Montana:  Mother Uses Son's Death to Educate Others about "Choking Game"

September 2011, Singapore:  Teens Seen Playing Dangerous Game

September 2011, England:  Forced Fainting May Have Caused William Stanesby's Death

September 2011, Hawaii:  The Choking Game

September 2011, Ohio:  Brimfield - "Choking Game" May Have Led to 11-Year-Old's Death

August 2011, Missouri:  Parents Say their Son Died Playing Choking Game

August 2011, Colorado:  12-Year-Old Boy Dies After Playing the Choking Game

August 2011, Ohio:  Brimsfield - Choking Game May Have Led to 11-Year Old's Death

August 2011, Colorado:  Choking Game Kills 12 Year Old, Parents Urging Awareness

August 2011, Colorado:  Boy Dies from Choking Game

August 2011, Kentucky:  PRP Teen Dies After Family Believes He Played the "Pass Out Game"

August 2011, South Africa:  Riding the Wave of Grief

August 2011, New Zealand:  "Choking Game" Death Warning

July 2011, Illinois:  Osteopathic Physicians Call for Better Education Among Teachers, Parents and Children About POtentially Fatal "Choking Game"

July 2011, Kentucky:  Death Motivates Cousin to Advocacy

June 2011, England:  Fainting Game Claimed Life of Tragic 12-year-old

June 2011, Missouri:  Fulfilling a Young Man's Vision

June 2011, Idaho:  Twin Falls Dad Hopes to Teach Parents about Dangerous Game

June 2011, Georgia:  Video Shows Local Teens Trying "Passing Out" Game

May 2011, Minnesota:  Maple Grove Teen's Death Prompts Warning about Choking Game

May 2011, Georgia:  10-Year-Old Boy Dies Apparently Playing Choking Game

May 2011, Idaho:  Parents Say Twin Falls Boy Died from Playing Choking Game

May 2011, England:  Teens Play Deadly Choking Game

May 2011, South Carolina:  What Appears to be Suicide Could Be the Choking Game

May 2011, Minnesota:  Robbinsdale District Warns Parents of "Choking Game"

April 2011, Alabama:  Choking Definitely Not a Game According to Local Parent Who Lost Son

April 2011, Florida:  Parents Warned Of Dangerous "Choking Game"

March 2011, Washington:  Student Injured in Choking Game

March 2011, Georgia:  GA Choking Game Death Spurs Parents to Learn More

March 2011, Wisconsin:  Clean Up Day Honors Son

March 2011, Florida:  Deadly Choking Game Claims Central Florida Children

February 2011, North Carolina:  Students Suspended for Choking Each Other

February 2011, South Carolina:  Parents Have Warning After Son Dies from Choking Game

February 2011, Georgia:  Parents Discuss Deadly Choking Game After Teen's Death

February 2011, Washington:  Families Who Say Their Boys Were Bullied File Lawsuit Against School Districts

February 2011, Alabama:  Mother Blames Son's Death on Choking Game

February 2011, California:  "Choking Game" Raises Parent's Concern

February 2011, Michigan:  Schools - Beware of "Choking Game"

January 2011, Switzerland:  French Concern Rises over 11 Year Old's Death by Hanging

January 2011, Utah:  Teen's Death Draws Attention to Choking Game  

January 2011, Utah:  Murray Students Suspended for Playing Pass-Out Game


December 2010, Russia:  Deathly Trips to Parallel Worlds Become Popular with Teenagers  

December 2010, Pennsylvania:  Nazareth Student Found Delinquent in Choking Case

December 2010, New Zealand:  Texts Link to Choking Game

December 2010, Michigan:  Boy, 11, Dies from "Choking Game"

December 2010, Tennessee:  Pleadings from a Grieving Mom

December 2010, Pennsylvania:  Officials - Students Choking to Get High

November 2010, Australia:  Choking Game Causes SEQ Student to Collapse Unconscious

November 2010, Colorado:  Choking Game Steals Life of 9-year-old

November 2010, Colorado:  Choking Game Sparks Another Close Call

November 2010, Nebraska:  Victim's Family Fights Choking Game

October 2010, Ohio:  Massillon Sixth-Grader Suffered Seizure at School Playing "Tap Out"

October 2010, Montana:  Lone Rock - Grieving Parents Hope to Prevent more Choking Game Deaths

October 2010, Washington:  San Juan Island School Officials Warn Asphyxiation Game is no "Game"

September 2010, Australia:  Boy Dies after "Choking" Game

September 2010, Italy:  Dangerous Games, Balconing and  Choking Game, are Killing Young People

September 2010, Montana:  Missoula Mom Shares Son's "Choking Game" Tragedy

September 2010, England:  Hanged 13-Year-Old Boy's Mother Warns of "Choking Game"

September 2010, California:  Choking Game Death in Auburn Stuns Teen's Family

September 2010, England:  Sian, 13, Killed by "Rebirth" Choking

September 2010, Indiana:  Dangerous Game Kills Hoosier Teen

August 2010, Australia:  Teens Toy with Death Online

August 2010, England:  Boy, 13, Accidentally Dies Attempting New Internet Craze "Choking Game"

July, 2010, United Arab Emirates:  In the High Lane:  Can of Worms

July 2010,Canada:  Mother Warns Parents of Dangerous Game

July 2010, Illinois:  Two Teens Die in Deadly Asphyxiation Games in Past Two Weeks in Chicago Area

June 2010, Canada:  Quebec Family Mourns Death of 12-Year-Old Son

June 2010, Tennessee:  The Dangerous Lives of "Tweens and Teens" - Part One:  The Choking Game

May 2010, California:  Santa Paula School Officials Warn Parents about "Choking Game"

May 2010, Texas:  Choking Game Takes the Life of West Texas Girl

April 2010, Nebraska:  Huffington Post:  "Choking Game" Alarms Police, Parents

April 2010, California:  Boy Accidentally Hangs Self in Choking Game

March 2010, Nebraska:  Nebraska Boy Dies Playing Choking Game

March 2010, Alabama:  The "Choking Game"

March 2010, Nebraska:  Nebraska Boy Dies Playing "The Choking Game"

March 2010, Guam:  Choking Game is a Worry for Guam

March 2010, Dr. Oz:  The Choking Game, Part 1

March 2010, Maine:  Bangor Doctor says Choking Game "Common"

March 2010, Alaska:  Choking Game

March 2010, Louisiana:  Choking Game Becoming a Deadly Teen Trend

March 2010, New Zealand:  Playground Choking Game Reaches NZ Schools

February 2010, New York:  Many Doctors Unaware of the Choking Game

February 2010, Texas:  Safety Officials Warn Against "Choking Game"

February 2010, Washington:  Kingston Teen Jailed for Putting Stranglehold on Fellow Student

February 2010, Michigan:  Experiment Gone Wrong May have Claimed "Gentle Giant"

January 2010, England:  Schoolgirl, 10, Accidentally Hanged Herself with Dressing Code as she Danced to Lady Gaga

January 2010, England:  Teenagers Risk Death in Internet Strangling Craze

January 2010, Texas:  Teens' "Choking Game" a Concern for Parents

January 2010, Maine:  A Dangerous Game and Warning to Parents

January 2010, New York:  Olean Officials:  Choking No Game

January 2010, England:  Time:  A Dangerous Pasttime for Teens:  The Choking Game

January 2010, Oregon:  "Choking Game" Dangers Cited

January 2010, England:  Shocking Videos of Teenagers Choking and Strangling Each Other


December 2009:  American Medical News:  "Choking Game" needs to be on Physicians' Radar

December 2009, California:  The "Choking Game" can be a Deadly One

December 2009:  Early News - Docs Unaware of "Choking Game?"

December 2009, Germany:  Experts Warn Parents of "Fainting Game" after Teen Death

December 2009, New Jersey:  Warren County Teen Dies of Brain Injury Believed to be Sustained During Choking Game

November 2009, Wisconsin:  Family Seeks to Give Kids Bright Future

November 2009, Washington:  Kalama Police Investigating Teen Choking Game Following YouTube Posting

November 2009, Nebraska:  Parents, Teachers Warned to Watch for Symptoms of Auto Asphyxia

October 2009, Russia:  Choking Game Causing Death and Brain Damage

October 2009, Connecticut:  Choking Game has Parents on Alert

October 2009, Texas:  Parents try to Spread Word on "Game" that Kills

October 2009:  Injury Prevention - Asphyxial Games of "The Choking Game" a Potentially Fatal Risk Behavior

September 2009, Michigan:  Deadly High - "Choking Game" Leads to Accidental Death of 13-year old Grand Blanc Student

September 2009, England:  Tragedy of Choking Game Lad

August 2009, Australia:  The Choking Game - Hunter Teens in Deadly Search of High

July 2009, Wales:  Boy, 13, Recovering after Playground Choking Game Goes Wrong

July 2009, New Jersey:  Deadly Kids' "Choking Game" Hits Close to Home in Warren County

July 2009, Wisconsin:  Columbus Teen Dies After "Choking Game"

July 2009:  Clinical Pediatrics - The Choking Game and YouTube, A Dangerous Combination

June 2009, Australia:  Teenagers Fall for Fainting Game

June 2009, Switzerland:  Lausanne Teenagers' Deaths from Scarf Game, Family Goes Public

April 2009:  Today Show - Heartbroken Dad Warns of Teen "Choking Game"

April 2009, North Carolina:  Grieving Parents Warn about "Choking Game"

March 2009, Georgia:  Choking Game Death

March 2009, Ohio:  Tri-Valley Says Choking Incident on Bus Part of "Game"

March 2009, North Carolina:  Teen-Produced PSA Warns About "Choking Game"

February 2009, Colorado:  Mother Aims for Awareness of Dangerous Youth Trend

February 2009, Indiana:  The Choking Game - Are your Kids Playing?

February 2009:  Injury Prevention - Asphyxial Games or "the choking game" a potentially fatal risk behavior

January 2009, Australia:  Teens Risk Life in Choking Game

January 2009, Texas:  Study - Many Doctors Unaware of "Choking Game"


December 2008, Montana:  Missoula Mom Shares Son's Choking Game Tragedy

December 2008, Connecticut:  Connecticut Officials Say Middle-Schoolers Played Choking Game

December 2008, North Carolina:  North Carolina Teen Dies Playing Choking Game

November 2008, Iowa:  Fathers' Descriptions of Sons' Deaths Spread the Alarm About Suicide, "The Choking Game"

September 2008, Colorado:  Girl's Death Gets Fresh Look with New Details

August 2008, New Jersey:  Boy, 8, Dies after Hanging

August 2008, Nebraska:  Choking Game Suspected in Boy's Death

August 2008, South Africa:  "Choking Game" Claims Teen

July 2008, Colorado:  In Memory of Samantha Renee Marquez

June 2008, Florida:  Choking Game Blamed in Suffocation of St. Pete Girl, 11

May 2008, Arizona:  The Choking Game

May 2008, Wisconsin:  Game Can Lead to Injury, Death

May 2008, Canada:  Some 79,000 Ont. Students Play Choking Game - Survey

April 2008, Oklahoma:  The Dangerous Choking Game

April 2008, Oregon:  School Reacts to Choking Game

April 2008, Stars & Stripes:  School Officials -  Choking Anything But a Game

March 2008, South Africa:  Boy Chokes to Death on "Game"

March 2008, Ohio:  Mourning Ohio Dad - School 'Net Surfing Killed Son

March 2008, Louisiana:  Teachers Use News Story to Warn Students About "The Choking Game"

February 2008, Indiana:  The Choking Game - How Young are the Players?

February 2008, Washington:  TV Interview About My Child Dying from the Choking Game

February 2008, South Carolina:  Study Focuses on Deaths from "Choking Game"

February 2008, Texas:  Parents Warned of Dangerous "Game"

February 2008, Arkansas:  Safety Alert-Parents Beware of Children's Deadly Game

February 2008, Canada:  Canada Looks into Choking Game Deaths

February 2008, Florida:  One Mom's Story of the Fatal Choking Game-CDC Reports 82 Deaths

February 2008, Reuters-U.S. says 82 Youths have Died in Choking Game

February 2008, Canada:  It's No Game

February 2008, Washington:  Mom Still Grieves for Son Lost to Choking Game

January 2008, Canada:  Students Kicked Off Team after Teaching Players the Choking Game

January 2008, Sweden:  Boy Dies after Playing Choking Game

January 2008, Georgia:  Central GA Teens Playing Deadly Game

January 2008, Kentucky:  A Dangerous Game - Parents Spread Word after Son's Death


December 2007, India:  It was Choking Game Gone wrong in India, Say Parents of Mumbai Boy

December 2007, Iowa:  Zach's Mistake - 15-Year-Old Dies Playing The Choking Game

December 2007, England:  Girl's Hanging Death Accidental

October 2007, New Hampshire:  Dangerous Game Worries NH Mothers

October 2007, Ohio:  Students Suspended for Playing Choking Game at Gym Class

October 2007, Illinois:  A Warning to Parents

September 2007, California:  Deadly Game - What May Seem Harmless to Teens is Killing Them

August 2007, Peru:  Two Children Die Playing The Choking Game in Lima, Peru

August 2007, South Africa:  Durbs' Magazine, The Choking Game

July 2007, South Africa:  Boy's Death Raises Spectre of Choking Game

July 2007, Korea:  Fainting Games Can Be Deadly

June 2007, France:  French Children Risk Lives in Strangling Game

June 2007, Kentucky:  Dangerous Game

June 2007, Canada:  Mother Warns Others About Choking Game

May 2007, Kentucky:  Jeff Walk Honors 13-Year-Old

May 2007, Pennsylvania:  Dedication at Tarentum Skate Park Honors Teen

April 2007, Texas:  The Choking Game

April 2007, Montana:  Health Official Warns of Choking Game

April 2007, Kentucky:  Heartland Parents Learn About the Choking Game

April 2007, Missouri:  Parents Say Their Son Died Playing The Choking Game

March 2007. Kentucky:  Investigators Think 8th Grader May Have Died Playing The Choking Game

March 2007,  Texas:  Teenager Casts Light on a Shadowy Game

March 2007, California:  Andre Anderson (16) was Found Hanged from a Tree in a Park After Playing the Choking Game

March 2007, Nebraska:  Choking Game Comes with Deadly Consequences

February 2007, Georgia:  Parents Warn that Game Kills

February 2007, Pennsylvania:  Guardian Talks about Highlands Teen's Death from Choking Game

February 2007, Ohio:  12-Year-Old Newark Boy Dies During Choking Game

January 2007, Maine:  Choking Game a Matter of Life and Death

January 2007, Nebraska:  Parents Be Aware - The Choking Game Poses Dangerous Threat to Local Youth

January 2007, New York:  Dangerous Experiments Explode on YouTube with Fire, Drugs, Choking


December 2006, Washington:  Child Dies in Choking Accident

November 2006, Pennsylvania:  Risks of Choking Game Often Unknown

November 2006, Ohio:  The Choking Game

November 2006, Canada:  Mom Speaks Out Against Choking Game

November 2006, Missouri:  Barnhart Mother Speaks Out About Son's Death from Choking Game

November 2006, Missouri:  Mother Furious About Choking Game; Son Choked Unconscious

October 2006, Pennsylvania:  Deadly Teen Game Ends Boy's Life; Family Speaks Out to Warn Others

October 2006, Illinois:  Woman who Lost Her Son Knows Its Deadly Consequences

September 2006, Alaska:  Summit Gives Tips to Keep Kids Safe

August 2006, New York:  DA Wright Warns Parents of Deadly Choking Game

August 2006, Texas:  Another Senseless Choking Game Death, This Time in Spring, Texas

July 2006, Wales:  Teenager's Ligature "Test" Death  

June 2006, Canada:  Choking Death Prompts Bracelet Campaign

June 2006, Ohio:  Games to Play with Drug Warriors

June 2006, Arizona:  Teen Choking Game has Fatal Consequences

May 2006, Ohio:  Deputies Warn of Deadly Choking Game

May 2006, Canada:  Choking Game Went Too Far, Mom Says

May 2006, Pennsylvania:  Teens Talk Openly About Choking Game

May 2006, Washington:  Auburn Student Warns of Choking Game Dangers

May 2006, Ohio:  Student Athlete Dies after Playing Choking Game

May 2006, New Hampshire:  Police Proactive on Internet Dangers, Choking Game

April 2006, Canada:  Child's Play Can Be Fatal

April 2006, Illinois:  Another Choking Game Death - Why It's So Important to Know the Warning Signs

April 2006, Indiana:  Choking Game Ignites Fears

April 2006, West Virginia:  W. Virginia Student Dies during Choking Game

April 2006, Maryland:  Game Causes Teen's Death

April 2006, South Africa:  Matthew Thomson - RIP

March 2006, Canada:  Local School Warns Parents of Dangerous Game

March 2006, Ohio:  Coroner Warns of Choking Game's Dangers

March 2006, Ohio:  Teen Dies in Possible Choking Game Incident

March 2006, Pennsylvania:  High School Declines to Publish Report of Choking Game Victim from Lawrence

March 2006, California:  Kids are Killing Themselves Chasing a "Natural High"

March 2006, Colorado:  Teammates Remember Boy Who Died Playing Choking Game

March 2006, New Hampshire:  Police Issue Warnings about Choking Game

February 2006, Pennsylvania:  Following Choking Game Death, Mt. Lebanon Families, Experts Tackle High Risk Behavior

February 2006, Pennsylvania:  Choking Game Blamed in Death of Mount Lebanon Teen

February 2006, Tennessee:  Child Dies After Playing "Hanging Game"

February 2006, Idaho:  Choking; a Dangerous Game with Deadly Possibilities

February, 2006, North Carolina:  Choking Game has No Winner

January 2006, Canada:  School Principals, Police Respond to Choking Game

January 2006, California:  Dangerous Choking Game Claims Life of Young Girl

January 2006, Georgia:  Choking Game Fatal to Teens


December 2005, Arizona:  Teen Death Blamed on Deadly Game

December 2005, Ohio:  "Gasp" Game can Turn Deadly for Youths

December 2005, New Mexico:  The Choking Game

December 2005, California:  Dangerous Game Among Kids a Concern

November 2005, Texas:  Deadly Choking Game Becoming Popular with Kids

November 2005, Washington:  Newsweek, Middle Schoolers - Tragic Results from a Deadly Game

November 2005, Pennsylvania:  Boy Dies from Playing Choking Game

November 2005, California:  Sasha is Dead, but Why?

November 2005, Kansas:  Teens Dying from the Choking Game

October 2005, Colorado:  Boulder Schools Worry Choking Game Could Catch On

October 2005, Maine:  Parents Urged to Discuss "Choking Game"; Noble High School Sends Memo Home After a 17-Year-Old Senior Accidentally Kills Himself

October 2005, Wisconsin:  Boy Dies after Playing Choking Game

October 2005:  Poynter Monday Edition - The Choking Game 

October 2005, Washington:  Choking - A "Game" that Steals Young Lives

September 2005, Washington:  Grays Harbor County Youth Injured in Choking Game

September 2005, Washington:  Renton Schools Warn of Choking Game After Student Dies

September 2005, Washington:  Schools Warn About Self-Choking

September 2005, North Carolina:  Mother Suspects Choking Game Cause of Son's Death

September 2005, California:  Dr. Phil, The Deadly Teen Choking Game - A Mom in Mourning

August 2005, Ohio:  Teen Dies After Choking Himself to Get (Head) Rush

August 2005, Massachusetts:  Choking Game's Deadly Lure

August 2005:  People Magazine, Deadly Game

August 2005:  Today Parents, Kids are Passing Out for a Deadly High

August 2005, Kansas:  A Fatal Game

August 2005, California:  Choking Game Claims Life of One Californian Teenager

July 2005, Idaho:  ABC 20/20, Choking Game is Deadly Child's Play

July 2005:  CBS Early Show, Choking Game a Deadly Trend

July 2005, Pennsylvania:  Choking Game Could Cost Young Lives

July 2005:  USA Today, Suffocation Games Among Kids Turn Fatal

July 2005, Idaho:  Idaho Boy Dies while Playing Choking Game

June, 2005, Israel:  Fainting Game Almost Ends in Tragedy


December 2003, England:  Accidental Hanging After Argument


February 2002, Oregon:  Asphyxiation is No Way to get a Thrill, Teens Are Told


September 2001, Injury Prevention, Self Strangulation by Hanging from Cloth Tower Dispensers in Canadian Schools


March 1999, England:  Eton Boy Died After "Fainting Game"





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Thank you
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Thank you Linda. Unfortunately there are even more news stories from the past but frequently news articles get deleted from their source and the stories are no longer able to be found. But you are correct in that I believe our collective efforts at awareness have started to de-stigmatize the shame – more and more of us are speaking out and news outlets are more willing to do stories. I also pray that one day we won’t need to have sites like this but in the meantime I appreciate everyone’s efforts. It really does take a village … I am confident that if we continue what we’re doing we WILL get there. Thank you for being part of the fight.
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I find it interesting that as the years have gone by the number of news stories and interviews have increased. Of course there is no way to know if the number of deaths (as a result of the choking game) has actually increased, I think the secrecy and shame associated with this has lessened and more parents are speaking out. I pray that one day a site like this will no longer be necessary as the education and awareness of the choking game continues to spread. Thank you Judy. From one mother who understands your loss and your mission to another. Thank you for including my interview in your list.
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