Erik's Cause is far and away the BEST resource to teach Choking Game Prevention

I serve on the Iron County School Board in southern Utah. We are the first school district in the nation to implement Erik's Cause teaching tool.  In the last six years, almost half of the deaths in our school district of students came from their playing the Choking Game. Judy Rogg, (whose son died from playing the game) created a brilliant and free education tool to teach middle and high school students about the dangers of the Choking Game. It's making a difference in our schools.  My own children tell me they learned about it in their class, and why the game is deadly, and what I appreciated most was they told ME why it's a deadly game, and why it's stupid to even try it. I highly recommend this website, and Judy's program to any and all. One parent pointed out to me how the tool was really good to help differentiate between passing out (like one might if they get light headed) and what happens to your body when you play the Choking Game (how it affects your brain, causes seizures, what oxygen deprivation does, and what physiologically happens to your body and why you can die from playing this so-called "Game.") The teaching tools are also very careful to teach PREVENTION, and not inadvertently teach children how to essentially play the game more effectively (as is the case with some other safety prevention tools.) Part of the tool shows pictures of children who have died, and it's a sobering wake-up call to the students to see the pictures of these children that are their age, that look just like them, who come from their same backgrounds, who played the game and died from it. I highly recommend this website, and ask that you join in this important cause.

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