Clauber Guariento

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My name is Clauber, I’m From Brazil, I’m 27 years old today, when I was 12 years old I used to play choking game, but I stopped when I almost died, I had near-death experience, I appeared in a white place, with no walls, no floor, absolutely empty space, I didn’t remmember my name, or why I was dead, but I knew I was dead. So suddenly appeared many human shapes with no faces and started to fast approaching and screaming loud, so I was pulled down, I saw the place I was from the sky and falling down I felt I entering my body and I woke up without memory, I stayed afraid and with no memory for few minutes. I know this testimony may seem strange, I don’t know if this events happened inside my brain or in a spiritual dimention, I just want to ask all people don’t do this game, it’s dangerous, as you can see in this website many people died doing this game, please parents talk with your children about it, show them many people died doing this. I fell so sorry for all you losses, I hope your cause make many people aware of this danger, I wasn’t aware, I was a smart kid, but kids don’t have good sense of danger, it’s important to talk with the kids about this.

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