Erik’s school district (Santa Monica, CA) asked us to create a prevention awareness training for middle schoolers that would (i) educate without graphic content, (ii) emphasize skills for kids on how to avoid participation, and (iii) that the presentation be less than 10 minutes long to provide ample discussion time.  We had our work cut out for us – to present the material in a format that would be brief yet informative enough to have impact and spark an interactive dialogue.

It has been an evolutionary process – with considerable input from a diverse multitude of people: educators, prevention trainers, teachers, therapists, psychiatrists, physicians, pediatricians, media professionals, and garden-variety parents and kids.  The result is “Help Stop the Choking Game” – a touchstone for a meaningful skills-building discussion with kids about choking game dangers as well as how not to participate.

Along with the Video is an introductory PowerPoint presentation designed to engage kids in a healthy discussion by teachers in a classroom setting.  It can also be presented as an assembly or as a touchstone for discussion at home between parents and kids.

Demonstrated Success:  In 2014 our training was implemented into 5th, 7th and 10th grade Health curriculum in Iron County School District, Utah and continues with great success.  Teachers say they find it user friendly, survey data demonstrates kids are learning important new skills, and parents are sharing that their kids are starting productive conversations with them as a direct result of our training.

Research supports this skills-based approach in addressing other types of risk prevention:

There presently is no cost for use of the Erik's Cause training.  We ask, when possible, for:

  • pre- and post- training survey data collection (via Google Forms or paper (anonymous/confidential);
  • a tax-deductible donation (when feasible).

Your donation and the confidential survey data will allow us to continue our important work and save lives.

Thank you.

Contact us for the Training Manual and Media Material


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All the students of high school should be knowing the method of making and presenting the power point presentation in an effective manner. The students of the Erik school district have taken assistance from the site for preparing their power point presentation in a successful way.
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